52 Dates in 52 Weeks

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CHAMPAIGN — It’s no surprise that relationships take work. Justin Breen and his wife found it again after ten years of marriage, by dating.
“My wife and I, in 2018, it was our New Years resolution to go out once a week without the kids” said Breen.

He posted about his dates on his social media. It then became its own website called 52 dates in 52 weeks.

“It’s really important that you  make this a priority in your relationships. People get caught up in the minutiae of things. If you go out with your partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend you really get to connect again”

R.J. Mcnicholl is the senior therapist at the Rock Counselling in Champaign, he says “For couples to take intentional time to spend together, 52 weeks of a year, is great for a couple. They get to know each other very intimately. They get to spend time together that they wouldn’t otherwise so that really can bring a couple closer together and bring the emotional connection to a really good place”

Breen and his wife went to restaraunts all over the country, fom Wyoming to Chicago, and even Florida, but not all the dates were expensive. Breen says some were ten dollar lunches.
“When you have these tasks that you plan and have these do markers you can look froward to them it really does help it gives you something to look forward to”

He told his wife within one week of their first date ten years he loved her. The dates have changed over the years, but he gets to fall in love with her over and over again each time.

You can view their website here.

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