2 accused of prostituting captive woman

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman told police she was being held hostage and forced to perform sexual acts.

She accuses Ryan Bostick and Anthony Bates of locking her in a bedroom in their home and selling her for sex acts to men for money.

Police wouldn’t say how she escaped, but they did say a former classmate was driving and saw her walking on the street. He pulled over and asked how she was doing. That’s when she broke down and told him everything.

A 23-year old woman says she was held hostage. In a sworn statement, she says she was buying drugs from two men she called “Dirty” and “Gotti.”

She was homeless and Gotti told her she could stay with them. After a while, she says, if she wanted to shower or eat, they made her perform a sex act on them. They gave her cocaine to “keep her skinny” and curb her appetite.

“She felt threatened because she knew one of the men was in possession of a gun.”

A woman who lived at the home on Warren Street says the two men lived on the side of the house; 1621-1/2. She says she never talked to them; they kept to themselves.

But, the victim told police Dirty started taking her to Union Street and Cerro Gordo Street. He would yell, “23,” snap his fingers and point to vehicles she would need to go to. She would perform a sex act and give the money to the men.

“She felt like she had to perform these acts and then give the money to them or otherwise they would harm or kill her.”

She told police Dirty started making her have sex with him, saying he was going to start prostituting her for $100. Another neighbor says he knows Bates and says this doesn’t sound like him.

Police say a situation like this isn’t common, but does happen.

“These kind of things pop up occasionally.”

Bates was arrested after police pulled him over for a traffic stop. He had cocaine on him and police say he was wanted for criminal sexual assault. 

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