Local hero administors CPR


“We had one of our patrons go down, and staff responded” said Jamie Davis, the Director of the Decatur Indoor Recreation Center, but not before one patron got to him first. Some are calling him a local hero.

“One of our patrons found another patron lying down” said Davis. He saw that the victim looked distressed, and he quickly went into action.

Davis said she was one of the staff members who jumped in to help. “The patron that initially came up on it, he was doing CPR, and then we also stepped in to help him because its exhausting” she said.

His quick acting gave staff members time to call the ambulance and grab equipment. Davis says they are trained to deal with these types of scenarios, but they never expect to get outside help.

She said “It worked like clock work, as if we had all worked together at one time doing this.

We don’t have word on how the patron is doing at this time. He was transported to a local hospital quickly afterwards.

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