Local business serves “happiness in a cup”


SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) — You know how you feel when you take your first bite of an ice cream cone?

Well, assuming you like ice cream…picture that feeling of bliss.

That’s how staff members at the Sidney Dairy Barn feel about their jobs. It’s only natural, because if they don’t like ice cream, they’re not going to get hired.

When you drive into Sidney, it’s hard to miss the Dairy Barn. It’s probably because of the flashy moo-mobile you’ll see parked out front.

You’ll come for the cow decor. Owner Dennis Riggs says you’ll come back for the overall ice cream experience that starts with the staff.

“They all are pre-interviewed to make sure, first, that they like Sidney Dairy Barn ice cream. After that, they’ll just be a pleasing, pleasant personality. The kids here just love making ice cream.”

They all view ice cream as a magical dessert.

“Ice cream is actually happiness in a cup,” said Riggs. “With ice cream, what you can do is you can sit there, and you can look across the table at somebody. A little spoonful at a time, you can contemplate every bite, and every sentence that you say.”

Kiley Chancellor (pictured below) says, by far, her favorite part of the job is making and eating ice cream.

People come from all over central Illinois to enjoy the atmosphere carefully crafted by Dennis Riggs and his army of ice-cream enthusiasts.

The whole idea is to prove…even if you might not think it, ice cream is a product of Illinois.

“It comes from the farm, it comes from the milk, it comes from the cows, it comes from the corn fed to the cows. So what we try real hard to do here is put that tie-in together. With the look of the building that looks like a barn, to our plants and corn and beans that are planted around here, we try to make it an agricultural experience,” said Riggs.

…and an experience that will bring you back for seconds, in Our Town Sidney.

“I love serving people ice cream and making people happy. I love working for chris and dennis. We’re like all family to each other,” said Chancellor.

Besides the ice cream, another proud feature is the drive-thru. It doubles as an agricultural museum.

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