Local 14-year-old wins vaccine lottery


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) – Navaeh Usher is one of a handful of kids in Illinois, awarded a $150,000 scholarship. All because she got the COVID-19 vaccine.

When Sarah St.Cin got the email, she didn’t think it was real, but it was.

That email said her daughter was chosen for a special scholarship.

“Navaeh is guaranteed to go to a college of her choice, as long as they accept her, any college in Illinois,” St.Cin said.

The email said she had been chosen to get a $150,000 scholarship to use for college. It can cover tuition, room and board, books, computers or any other supplies, but it’s not just any scholarship. Usher’s name was chosen in the “All in for the Win” drawing.

She was automatically entered when she got the COVID-19 vaccine a few months ago. St.Cin said they live in a house with 7 other people. Usher has asthma and her little brother has a heart condition. So, she said it was important to get her vaccinated.

“So, just to keep us all safe, I wanted to keep those who could get vaccinated, and have the ability to get vaccinated,” she said.

She said she knew about the vaccine lottery, but never thought they would be chosen.

“Honestly, I was just super excited. I couldn’t wait to tell everybody as soon as I knew for sure. I was just letting everyone know, and just telling her how proud I was for her, and letting her know anything she wanted, her dreams could come true at this point,” she said.

St.Cin said they haven’t really talked about college all that much, but she said now, she has gotten her teachers, the school administration, and counselors all up to date. So, when the time comes to look for colleges, they will be well-educated in wherever she picks.

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