SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will offer a sensory-friendly event on Jan. 29 from 1-5 p.m. for those who may be overwhelmed by intense light, strong sounds, and large crowds.

The special event will feature lowered audio throughout the museum, adjusted lighting to reduce extremes that create a more fluid atmosphere, and some special effects will be turned off. A quiet room will also be available.

The museum plans to also offer “busy bags” with a variety of fidgets, noise-canceling headphones, sensory maps, and other tools that make visits more comfortable for people with sensory issues.

The event is part of “Abe for All,” a museum initiative to make Lincoln’s legacy more accessible to everyone, including those who are autistic, deaf, disabled, or have other similar disabilities. The museum launched this series of events last year in an effort to be more welcoming to all museum visitors.

“Everyone deserves to learn about Abraham Lincoln’s accomplishments and his continuing impact on America,” said the museum’s executive director, Christina Shutt. “That means the museum has a duty to make its campus as inclusive as possible. We’re committed to learning and improving so we can truly offer ‘Abe for All.'”

Advance registration is not required for this event. However, a pre-visit packet that ranks areas of the museum based on their potential to overstimulate can be found here.

The museum said more “sensory friendly Sundays” are scheduled for the last Sunday of July and October. The museum will be open to anyone on Jan. 29 at regular admission prices.