COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Lincoln Fire Protection District purchased two HAAS, or Hardware as a Service, devices a few months ago and has since seen significant improvement when responding to emergency calls.

When crews have their emergency lights activated, the HAAS devices send cellular signals to users of Apple Maps, the Waze app, and other similar programs that there is an accident ahead. The protection district said they’ve seen improvement in cars moving over on the road and abiding by Scott’s Laws through the early warning notification.

“It’s just one more way we are trying to keep our members safe,” District Chief Kevin Rankin said. “We noticed the biggest difference on the 5 miles of I-57 we cover. Even though not every vehicle is getting the notification, they are still moving over.”

Chief Rankin said this new system also gives them a monthly report of how many devices have been notified of responses.