Lincoln Fire crews quickly extinguish grass & shed fire


CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Lincoln Fire Protection District officials said crews were able to quickly extinguish a grass and shed fire that was getting “dangerously close” to a house.

It happened along Cozy Lane in Charleston. Firefighters were called to the area around 2:15 p.m. on Monday. When firefighters got on scene, they found out the fire and were concerned about it spreading to the nearby house. An engine arrived and they began “an aggressive fire attack on the shed and the side of the house where the vinyl siding was beginning to melt off the building,” said District Chief Reynolds.

Lincoln Fire had originally upgraded the alarm and called for extra manpower. However, they quickly called them off because on-scene crews were able to rapidly extinguish the fire.

“The side of the house was protected with a hose line with no fire extension into the building,” said Reynolds. The damage to the house was minimal, according to the chief. However, no damage reached the inside of the building. The shed was a total loss.

Chief Reynolds said two acres of dry grass and brush burned in the back woods.

No one was hurt in this fire.

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