Library late fees will be waived


CHAMPAIGN,Ill. (WCIA)- The Champaign Public library is making a change that could help your wallet.

They’re waiving all late fees. Whether you like to rent books, video games, or CD’s, you won’t have to worry about rushing to the return box.

The fee of 25 cents per item per day will be no longer be charged, but if your items are late, you will still receive reminders until they are returned.

They hope that removing late fees will get more people using the library, says director Donna Pittman. “I think people will love it and we will love welcoming people back to the library,” said Pittman. “those who have been hesitant to come back because they owed fees or they worry about owing fees in the future, so we think this is going to bring about more people using the library getting library cards and more kids using the library.”

The board of directors are scheduled to meet Wednesday to finalize the decision.

If you’re looking to head there soon, they require face masks, but curbside pickup is also available.
The director also said that if you owe any late fees from the past, those will be waived. The new fee waiver will kick in on August 15th.

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