Libertarian candidates visit


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — A presidential candidate made a stop in central Illinois, and another at one of the area’s Mexican restaurants.

Ken Armstrong is vying to be the first Libertarian President of the United States. He’s been campaigning all across the country since May.

He spent the evening at Toro Loco in Urbana.

Central Illinois is familiar territory for the man running to be his vice presidential candidate, John Phillips…who is from Decatur.

“The message that we’re working on is helping people to understand more about what the Libertarian party is really about, because really, honestly, I think more Americans are really Libertarians than realize it,” said Armstrong.

“You’ve got so many people who say ‘oh I can’t work with you because you’re Democrat,’ ‘I can’t work with you because you’re a Republican.’ Well, the Libertarians give us a middle ground where we can say ‘okay hey, we can work with you on this, we can work with you on that,'” said Phillips.

Armstrong and Phillips head to Indiana next.

Armstrong said he would sum up the Libertarian view as “less government, more freedom.”

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