Let’s celebrate National Mutt Day!


NATIONAL (WCIA) — Friday is National Mutt Day, a day to celebrate our four-legged canine friends and everything that makes them unique.

First, we are going to start with Kirby. His owner said he is nicknamed “Kirby Concerny” because of his worried look, which he is said to hold constantly. However, Kirby should have no concerns about being absolutely adorable…

Next, we go to dogs who have become best friends with humans that are just their size…or almost.

And many times dogs like to hang out with their fellow canines…

And National Mutt Day is all about showing off your dog, but what about showcasing their great sense of style?

And let’s not forget to mention their way of getting comfortable…anywhere.

While some dogs snooze…others are speeding off onto their next adventure…

Or on to their next snack or toy.

But no matter what they are doing…we love them!

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