Lego robots help animals


CHAMPAIGN — Do you think you have what it takes to build a moving robot out of Legos? Some kids in Illinois may have you beat.

More than 500 students came together to show their skills in robotics.

Not only are they building real robots, they’re doing it for a good cause.

64 teams from all over the state are competing in this year’s robotics tournament.

This time, they partnered with Animal Allies and the Lego company to build robots that help animals.

From bats to birds, these kids are doing their part to raise awareness for problems like animal abuse and endangerment.

“A lot of times you feel couped up in a school and this takes you outside of the school. And you get to work on your teamwork, you get to work on being competitive but having fun at the same time,” said Melissa Mulert

One of the participants, Samantha Stebbings, said “we’re just working to get better and better and improving.”

Judges said choosing the winners isn’t just based on how well their robots work, but also how well the students work together.

The goal of the tournament is to encourage kids to build skills in developing technology.

Coordinators and teachers said they hope this might even help them discover ideas for their future career.

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