Leaders in Westville considering changing gas provider


WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)–The Village of Westville continues to pay down a bill from its natural gas supplier that was significantly larger what local leaders expected. Originally, village leaders believed they were charged $300,000 for their gas, about triple the normal rate last month, but now say the village was charged $1.2 Million.

This all goes back to the severe winter weather in February. Missouri Public Utility Alliance, or M.P.U.A., is the village’s natural gas provider.

They said that price hike isn’t exclusive to Westville, as they’re a part of a larger pool of eleven cities that buy gas from M.P.U.A. Every community saw bills jump, but they’re not on the hook to pay it off immediately.

Officials with M.P.U.A. said they’re looking for ways to spread that cost out over a few months.
Leaders in Westville have said they’ll waive all late penalties for utilities for March, April and May to help offset that burden on people living in the village.

The city is going to continue the discussion about the gas company later this week. That meeting will take place Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s gym on state street. Village leaders and members of the community will discuss the price spike and whether they should look elsewhere for a gas supplier. They’re asking everyone who comes to wear masks and social distance.

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