Lawmakers aim to reform property seizure laws


ILLINOIS– Unless it’s happen to you, you may not be aware that police can take your property if they think it’s connected to criminal activity.

Well lawmakers are bringing this issue to the forefront and calling for reform. Bills proposed in the Senate and House will require a someone to be convicted of a crime before property is seized. 

Reports show that more than $30 million worth of property is seized each year from Illinois residents. Police can confiscate anything from cash to cars. The only way to get it back is by paying to go to court.

Advocates of the bill say the current law punishes people before they are determined guilty.

Those in law enforcement say the change could cripple their operations making it difficult to catch criminals.

“We’re not saying it needs to stay the same what we’re saying is we oppose this legislation because it would change it too drastically,” says Ed Wojcicki Executive Director Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police


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