Lawmaker looks to close pay loophole


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– State lawmakers continue to call for a crackdown on corruption at the capitol. One representative from Central Illinois hopes what happened with the latest lawmaker accused of bribery will get the ball rolling on his bill.

Despite House leadership calling on former Chicago representative Luis Arroyo to step down last Monday, he did not do so until that Friday. Some of his colleagues say this was not a coincidence and now they want to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Representative Mike Murphy of Springfield is calling for action on a bill that would allow lawmakers to only receive pay for days they actually worked instead of full pay on the last working day of each month.

“We need some reforms and this a pretty simple reform. The fact that you can work one day and get paid for the entire month is silly,” said Murphy.

“We had a representative recently resign the first of the month, so he’s going to be paid for the entire month. He’s going to get medical benefits, you know, insurance for the whole month. One more month will be added to his retirement and it’s just not right.”

Although the spotlight was put on this loophole after Arroyo resigned last week, Murphy says this issue has been on his radar since he filled the seat of Sara Jimenez in January.

“She noticed that because when she took office, she took office at the very end of the month and she got paid for the entire month. It was an issue she was trying to fight for so I carried it on,” Murphy said.

The bill was filed in January and has been stuck in House Rules Committee since March. Representative Murphy said the fact that it hasn’t been called in committee yet is disturbing.

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