Lawmaker comments on sexual harassment investigation


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The campaign consultant who accused House Speaker Mike Madigan’s former aide of sexual harassment is taking to Twitter.

The Chicago Tribune reported on July 24th payments were made to the former aide, Kevin Quinn, by five former and current ComEd lobbyists. They all have ties to Madigan. Their payments totaled $10,000.

The next day, Alaina Hampton said members of the Democratic Women’s Caucus haven’t supported her publicly, tweeting “To the Democratic Women’s Caucus: I have now been waiting for a year & a half for you to support me publicly, or even address me by name in a statement. Where are you? What is your stance? We all want to know.”

The caucus itself didn’t respond, but State Representative Carol Ammons (D – Champaign-Urbana) told Playbook “Alaina Hampton’s story is unfortunately a common one. I hope that the due process taking place results in truth and justice. Her determination gives other women hope for a future where these kinds of incidents are uncommon and eventually nonexistent.”

That statement prompted Hampton to thank Ammons on Twitter. She discussed the matter Wednesday night before a public-speaking engagement in Champaign.

“It’s important for us again to continue to state that women should have a fair hearing, a fair shot to tell their story, to be heard and that there is adjudication in the matter,” Ammons said. “And this case is going forward, and we will see what the judge’s ruling is in the matter of Ms. Hampton.”

Ammons said she was not speaking on behalf of the caucus when she discussed Hampton’s case.

“That really is up to them if they want to take a position or not,” Ammons said. “I feel it is important that more women come forward if they feel that they have been harassed in any way, shape or form. They should be heard.”

Hampton sued Madigan’s political committee and the state Democratic party in March 2018. She alleged that she was blocked from working on additional Democratic campaigns after reporting Quinn for sexual harassment. Madigan fired Quinn in February 2018, a day before Hampton went public. Hampton is seeking $350,000.

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