Late freeze may impact your pet


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The first freeze is projected to happen later than normal this year, which means pesks like mosquitoes could be sticking around longer and that could impact your pets.

A veterinarian says owners need to continue giving their pets heartworm medicine. Doctor Todd Lykins says fleas and ticks are especially dangerous this time of year and mosquitos can also carry harmful diseases. He’s encouraging people to give preventatives throughout the year. He also has advice on seasonal allergies in dogs and cats.

“If your pet’s on allergy medicines, you’re going to continue to need to give those or you’re going to get the hot spots and the itchy dogs and things like that,” Dr. Todd Lykins said.

He also warned pet owners and drivers to be cautious with the sun setting sooner, car crashes involving animals become more common.

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