DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Lake Decatur provides water services for around 78 thousand people in Decatur and the village of mount zion. The last time the Decatur water treatment facility had to do something because of the lake’s water levels was in 2011. Officials said they’ve noticed less water flowing to the lake over the past couple of weeks because of the warm dry weather, but they say there is nothing to be concerned about right now because the lake is close to its max capacity. Keith alexander said if the drought happens to last long enough they have several different backup plans.

He said, “We look at that plan when it is hot and dry like it is now and we look at that level weekly just to see where we are at on levels if the lake level does decline rapidly and we do get to the point where we have to start to do any kind of messaging to our customers typically it would be a request for voluntary water reduction.”

He says it would take several weeks of hot dry weather for them to get to that point.
Alexander says even if the water level got down to a concerning point they could pull water from other areas like the Mahomet aquifer.