Kroger store shut down by Macon County Health Department


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Kroger on West 1st Drive in Decatur was shut down by the Macon County Health Department.

This comes after complaints regarding mouse droppings were filed with the health department on March 25 and April 5, according to a report on the department’s website.

In one of the complaints, the caller mentioned that they visited the store on March 15 and 24. During the first visit, they saw mouse droppings in Aisle 10, which houses packaged tuna and other canned goods. The caller said they reported the issue to the front desk. When they returned to the store on March 24, the droppings were still there.

The other complaint was filed on April 5. The caller reported the same issue in the same aisle.

On April 7, investigators found “heavy mouse droppings” on the floor, shelves and in packaging. They also found “rub marks and strong odor of urine.” They were found in aisle 10, the same section mentioned in the complaints.

Health officials said after relaying the concerns to proper management and telling them the proper cleaning/sanitation requirements that needed to be met, they went to the store Wednesday for a follow-up.

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When investigators looked around the store, they found at least 10 live and dead mice in different areas of the store. They also found droppings and urine stains.

Store management gave the health department records of pest control treatment for several days, including on Wednesday. Health officials advised them to receive effective pest control for both current infestations and preventing future ones. They also told them to remove affected product and deep-clean the store.

The store is currently unable to sell food. However, they are able to sell cleaning supplies, alcohol/tobacco and keep their pharmacy open.

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