Kids included in homeless experience


Latest: 12:30 pm, 2/8/17, Wednesday 

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA — C-U at Home is making a final push to reach its fundraising goal for One Winter Night.

Nearly 250 people, including at least 18 kids, participated in this year’s event. They raised more than $195,000; just shy of their $200,000 goal.

Donations are being accepted until February 15. 

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Update: 9:50 pm, 2/3/17, Friday

CHAMPAIGN — Adults and kids got a taste of what it’s like to be homeless.

243 people signed up to pitch a box and spend the night in the cold.

Some of the boxes on the street housed entire families.

It’s part of the annual One Winter Night fundraiser benefiting C-U at Home, a daytime shelter program for the homeless.

Some people participating have a very personal connection to the cause.

“My husband did it last year. It’s kind of a topic that hits close to home. I actually lived in a lighthouse mission, which is a homeless shelter, when I was young…when I first moved to Indiana. So it’s just something near and dear to my heart,” said participant Brandi Scroggins.

Fundraising will continue until February 15th.

The goal is $200,000.

Original: 9:45 pm, 2/1/17, Wednesday

CHAMPAIGN — One organization is giving kids the chance to see what it’s like to sleep without a roof over their heads.

One Winter Night has been showing people the difficult realities of homelessness for years; but now, it’s including kids.

Children’s Corner was created to help them understand and have compassion for those who are homeless while experiencing it for themselves.

The kids will spend the night in a box and spend time with people who don’t have homes of their own.

Children’s Corner hopes to help kids develop real relationships with people in the homeless community.


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