Judge orders Cook County murder suspect moved


PIATT COUNTY — A Chicago man accused of executing a 9-year old boy has been transferred to local authorities.

Dwight Boone-Doty was in custody in Cook County, but a judge had him moved for security reasons. He was transferred to the jail in Monticello Tuesday night.

Boone-Doty is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Tyshawn Lee. He’s also accused of shooting a 19-year old woman and the attempted murder of a 20-year old. 

In Lee’s case, police say Boone-Doty lured him away from a basketball court by offering to take him to a store. He’s accused of then shooting the child multiple times in an alley.

Police and prosecutors say it stems from an ongoing gang war. Local authorities did not provide any information about the transfer.

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