CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – The third and final MLK award this year will be given to James “TYGAR” Corbin, a community resource specialist and mentor.

Corbin works to connect members of the community with resources to help them through issues like homelessness, substance abuse and family separation. He says he’s been volunteering since 2016, and what started out as a passion turned into what he saw as a “necessity.” He hopes to make help more accessible for those who need it.

“I’m the middle man. But this is a team effort,” Corbin said. “That’s great they awarded me but there are a lot of different organizations out here who I work through, work with to make my work possible.”

Corbin will be honored at a county-wide celebration on January 16. He says he hopes to inspire others to join him in uplifting the community.