DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) – If Terrance “TAT” Taylor, better known as just TAT, isn’t spending his free time pumping you up a U of I basketball game. You might find him inside Impact Life in Decatur, donating blood.

“I know that it’s my civic duty to do so and me and my community, as a young black man, I wanted to show that it’s ok to give blood because it’s important, super duper important. I always think of those who are in need and how much I would want some help if I were the one receiving what I’m donating today,” he said.

TAT started donating a few years ago when he heard the story of a little kid who needed blood and TAT was a match to help him. Ever since then, he rarely misses a day.

“So, ever since then, it’s been easy. You know, I have it on my calendar when I can donate again,” he said. “I know me just being here and promoting that I’m here hopefully will have a lot of people in my community do the same. It’s super easy. It’s not an inconvenience. I wear my tape and my gauze as a badge of honor all day.”

He said it’s an easy way to make a difference and save a life.

“I’m grateful and thankful that I’m able to donate. You know, that in of itself is a blessing. I was always taught that it’s a blessing to be a blessing,” he said. “For me, it’s knowing that I’m saving lives. You know, every time I donate young, old, big, small, black, brown, white, whatever. It’s something that we all should do. We all can do, as long as we’re healthy. Lord forbid me or my family are in a situation where they need blood and then there’s a low supply. You know, that shouldn’t be a thing.”

You can make a difference and save lives too.

WCIA 3 is partnering with Impact life for the WCIA 3 Gift of Life Blood Drive. It’s honoring the memories of Dave Benton and Robert Reese, two beloved members of the WCIA family, who relied on blood donations in their fights against cancer.

We’re hosting a multi-day event, starting December 26th and running until the 30th at various locations across Central Illinois.

Find more information here.