CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – “I feel like something has been served. Justice? No,” Lanaeja Carter said.

Lanaeja Carter’s younger sister was killed earlier this month in Champaign. On Tuesday, police announced the teenager they believe is responsible is behind bars.

But, the victim’s family says it won’t bring their loved one back. 18-year-old Nizeri Carter was shot several times on November 4. Now, 17-year-old Keshawn Brown has been charged as an adult of first-degree murder.

Carter’s family is still in shock. Lanaeja Carter said even though the suspect is in jail, she hasn’t felt happy since the day she lost her sister. But, she keeps her memory alive through music.

“My eyes filling up with water. I can’t take the pain missing my sister, she’s like my daughter.”

Those are lyrics from a song Lanaeja Carter wrote, describing her grief after losing Nizeri.

In another line, she sings: “Eighteen. I want to trade places with you. So many cries, you’re on my mind, I can’t forget you.”

“It’s different from losing a friend,” Carter said. “I lost my sibling. I lost somebody that looks just like me.”

They had more in common than that. Carter says her sister loved listening to her music.

“Every time I showed her a song, she was like, ‘dang sis, you’re going to get us out of here. You’re going to be something. You’re going to be somebody.’ I just want her to know I’m going to be somebody. I’m going to be that person that you wanted me to be. And you’re going to still be there,” Carter said.

Just a few weeks ago, she got a heartbreaking call and rushed to the hospital.

“The officer came out and he was like, ‘I’m sorry.’ Right then and there, ever since that day, that ‘sorry’ – I can’t ever hear ‘I’m sorry’ from anybody, from any situation because that broke me instantly. I lost a part of me,” Carter said.

Just before 5 p.m., Champaign Police were called to Elm Street, where Nizeri Carter was shot several times. Since that day, officers tracked down a suspect: 17-year-old Keshawn Brown.

“That’s everybody’s dream. They want the person that did it to be caught, or they want the person who did it to be dealt with,” Carter said.

But to Carter, it wasn’t a dream come true.

“Okay, a person is in jail for it but how will I ever be happy when I can’t get my sister back?” she said.

She wants people to remember Nizeri the way she remembers her. Smart, hardworking, and with one quality that’s rare for a teenager: she was “comfortable being herself.”

“If you were in a bad mood, if you were feeling down, she had a smile that could come bring you out of that. You would forget everything,” Carter said.

Keshawn Brown was arrested Monday in Normal on unrelated charges. Even though charges have now been filed against him for this case, police want people to know the investigation is still ongoing – and anyone with information is encouraged to reach out.