DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Families in Danville want answers after a fight at an elementary basketball game. In less than 30 minutes, they said cheering turned into screaming and running.

“It was scary. It was beyond scary. I never experienced that, she never experienced that,” said one parent who wants to remain anonymous.

Families filled the Danville High School Fieldhouse to watch an elementary basketball game, but they didn’t expect what happened next.

“You can hear people talking and yelling. Some people were just hollering and screaming but you couldn’t tell which direction it was almost coming from.”

“One girl ran up and shoved the other girl from behind. And when she did, they just started throwing blows back and forth well they ended up rolling out onto the court,” said Joanne Tibbett.

Tibbett said that one fight turned into three. Families said parents were grabbing any kid they were able to get their hands on and running out.

“My daughter was right in the mix of it where the two ladies were fighting,” said the anonymous parent. “I don’t know how my daughter wasn’t trampled.”

The school district released a statement stating students, parents, and fans were all involved. Danville Police said it was over by the time they got there, but they did get a report that someone involved had a gun. Parents said luckily their children weren’t physically hurt.

The district had social workers and school psychologists available to talk with students, but parents said they know it will be a long road ahead.

“It’s just scary knowing. Like is she going to go to school and get hurt? Or are we going to continue and have games with no security?” said the anonymous parent.

Danville police said they’re interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance video from Saturday. District leaders said they’re disturbed by what happened and said anyone identified in statements or video will be banned from school district property.