ISBE warns COVID-19 will impact state report card


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Illinois State Board of Education has added new three data qualifiers for certain metrics in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: data unavailable, data possibly impacted (calculated with concern) and data possibly impacted (caution statewide threshold).

ISBE will note on its Illinois Report Card that it did not collect any data related to assessments due to the suspension of in-person instruction this spring. Those assessments included: Illinois Assessment of Readiness, SAT, Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment and Illinois Science Assessment. ISBE was also unable to collect data about growth percentile (IAR), the assessment participation rate, assessment performance scatterplots, achievement gap and its climate survey.

As for data that was collected and possibly impacted by COVID-19, ISBE warned the policy changes that followed the suspension of in-person learning could have impacted the following trends: chronic absenteeism, chronic truancy, the dropout rate, early college coursework (grades 9-12), freshman on track, graduation rate, number of school days, student attendance, student mobility, teacher attendance and teacher evaluation.

Courtesy: ISBE

ISBE indicated other metrics may have also been affected by COVID-19, while noting “based on the data collected and comparisons to historical data, the data collected for this collection cycle does not,
in aggregate, exhibit greater variation than is normally observed from year to year.” Metrics in this category included: eighth graders passing Algebra I, average days of PE per week and Career and Technical Education enrollment.

Courtesy: ISBE

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