NATIONAL (WCIA) — The Internal Revenue Service is encouraging taxpayers who have yet to send their 2021 tax return to file electronically as early as possible, including those who have an extension until October.

There is no need for taxpayers to wait until the deadline once they have all the necessary information to file an accurate return, IRS officials said.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said submitting before summer vacation can be a win-win.

“IRS employees continue working hard to process tax returns and address our inventory issues,” Rettig said. “We continue to urge people to file electronically and do it as soon as possible. Even if people have an extension to file until October, sending the tax return as soon as possible can either help get them a refund quicker or it can save them money if they owe by avoiding additional interest and penalties.”

To file a tax return, taxpayers need their Adjusted Gross Income from their most recent tax return. Those waiting on their 2020 tax return can still file their 2021 return by entering $0 for the 2020 AGI on the 2021 return.

If taxpayers need help or have a complicated tax situation, IRS has online resources and tools to help them file an accurate return.

Taxpayers who owe taxes can review all payment options online. IRS also has options for people who cannot pay their taxes, including a payment plan. Eligible taxpayers can use the IRS Free File program to prepare and send their tax returns for free.