Irreplaceable watch stolen from father


FAIRMOUNT, Ill. (WCIA) — Paul Bishop had his house broken into two weeks ago and lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings, but one stolen item is priceless.

Bishop’s daughter passed away five years ago and his mom got him a watch with a few pieces of her hair in the back. The watch was taken in a safe with money and spare car keys. While losing everything else hurts his pockets, losing his last connection to his daughter weighs on him every day. He called the watch his place of peace.

“You look at that hair and you see the watch and it means no time has passed without her,” says Bishop. “Ever since she’s been gone that watch has been on time.”

Investigators are trying to track down the robbers by testing the scene for fingerprints. Bishop says the intruders left a flashlight on his bedroom windowsill that will be tested.

Other jewelry, a large TV, and several guns were also stolen. He posted the story on Facebook trying to find anyone who knows where his watch is. With hundreds of shares, Bishop says the response has been heartwarming.

“Neighbors over there have contacted me letting me know, ‘Sorry we haven’t watched out enough,'” says Bishop. “Well I didn’t ask you to, you know what I mean? It’s just nice that there’s small towns and friends and family who are going out of there way to try and help find this.”

A person who saw Bishop’s post has already contacted every pawn shop in Champaign and Danville with a photo of the watch. He and his roommate say they would be happy if they are only able get the watch back.

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