NEOGA, Ill. (WCIA) — The investigation into two deaths in Cumberland County last week is still ongoing with little information being released.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s officials said deputies found two people on Nov. 30 in a home on Couty Road 1200N. The two were identified as 33-year-old Levi C. Connour and 40-year-old Jennifer R. Morecraft, whom Connour’s brother said were ex-spouses. State Police, who took the lead in the investigation, said there is no known threat to public safety.

The discovery of their bodies left the community shocked and everyone, including the Connour and Morecraft families, is looking for answers. In the absence of said answers, rumors have started to spread as to what really happened.

But authorities are still silent.

WCIA reporters reached out to both the Illinois State Police and the Cumberland County Coroner’s Office to ask for an update on the investigation. State Police personnel said they could not comment on the investigation to protect its integrity. Coroner Steve Sherwood said the results of the autopsies would not be released until toxicology testing is complete.

WCIA will update its website and newscasts when more information becomes available from the authorities.