SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – A criminal justice group is now offering a cash reward for DNA they said would overturn a 30 year old murder conviction. 

Melissa Koontz was murdered in Springfield in June 1989. Tom McMillen and Gary Edgington were convicted for Koontz’s murder two years later.

 Investigating Innocence believes there’s evidence that proves it was someone else: a fingerprint on Koontz’s rear view mirror that did not belong to either McMillen or Edgington. 

Bill Clutter, the founder of Investigating Innocence, said the Sangamon County Sheriff ran the fingerprint in a database and found a match in 2008. The match of the fingerprint has refused to give a voluntary DNA sample to Clutter.  

 Now they’re asking for the public’s help with a $25,000 cash reward. 

“If there’s anyone who has access to the DNA of someone they suspect committed this crime, we want them to come forward and contact us,” Clutter said.  

To submit evidence to Investigating Innocence, you can click here.