Intersection improvements


MOULTRIE COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA)—There are some stretches of road that remind drivers how important it is to be careful behind the wheel, and this is one of them.

In 2019, 5-year-old Tyson Mendoza and 56-year-old Lori Samples were killed when a school bus and an SUV collided. Two years before that, a bus carrying the Teutopolis boys’ basketball team was hit by a mini van that pulled out in front of them.

Barbara Dillner worked at this gas station when that crash happened. She wasn’t at work that day, but distinctly remembers the impact it had on the community.

“It was just hard to imagine that something so ordinary could turn so tragic so quickly,” said Dillner.

After the deadly crash in 2019, people started a petition to make this area safer. IDOT studied the area to figure out what would make it safer, and now that work is almost done.

“They have resurfaced the intersection. They have widened all 4 corners. They have installed a median. They are currently installing the electrical units, warning lights,” said Moultrie County Engineer, Jeff Birch, “They will also have the stop signs installed.”

It’s all being done to make sure drivers and passengers make it home.

“Obviously we have had some accidents, some severe ones in recent years. This will make all four legs a stop condition, so that if there are any accidents, hopefully those will be lower speed and less likely to be as severe as they have been in the past,” said Birch.

IDOT says after the signs and stripping work are completed, the intersection will be ready to be opened as a four-way stop. That should should happen over the next few weeks.

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