DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The winter storm was tough for many people across the country. Pipes burst, people were stuck in their homes, videos went viral across the internet of cars sliding around and people in Central Illinois lost their internet.

“That there’s a box located hours away that got damaged from the winter storm,” Renae Henry said.

While losing internet might not seem like a huge issue, for Barb Bobby McHone it was.

“That’s when I realized my husband was dead, but I called my kids and my kids came and got me,” McHone said.

She uses a landline and her iPad to communicate with her family. When the internet went out, she thought she had no way to get in touch with anyone.

“The first thing I noticed was no tv, so I thought ok, I’ll use my iPad, well I couldn’t get any of my coloring pictures because they weren’t downloaded,” McHone said.

Thankfully her cell phone had service and she called her children and the Hospice care to tell them what happened.

“I was with my kids so that kept me distracted,” McHone said.

McHone’s next-door neighbor and friend, Renae Henry, tried to help since she too had no internet.

“I contacted AT&T, they said there was just an outage, they couldn’t give me any information at the time,” Henry said.

Without internet Henry wasn’t sure if it was safe to travel.

“You didn’t know how bad the weather was going to get and we were also wanting to travel to go to my son in Springfield for Christmas,” Henry said.

Henry’s main concern became her friend McHone. The two have been sticking together during this time. They both say the inconvenience has left them feeling separated from everything,
and just want the connection to come back on.

Statement from AT&T

“We are working to restore service as quickly as possible following last week’s severe weather event, which caused considerable damage to our network equipment in some areas.  While we are doing all that we can to bring our customers back on-line, our progress in some instances has been delayed by unsafe conditions or equipment shortages. We apologize for the delay and appreciate our customers’ patience while we complete our work.”