Insulin cost cap proposal heads to committee


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A bill that would cap Insulin costs for patients at 100 dollars is scheduled to be in committee this week.

The group sponsoring the legislation has been touring the state gaining support for weeks.  

The governor is already on board. He held a press conference showing his support for the legislation a few weeks ago. 

Advocates think there is a good chance that it can be passed into law by the end of veto session in a few weeks. 

The bill would lower out of pocket expenses greatly.

“There are a lot of people that are on medicare or medicaid, that have to forgo things such as food or rent in order to get their insulin, or else they don’t get insulin, and there have even been cases where people have died,” Phyllis Jones, a registered nurse in Springfield, said. 

The bill does have its opponents. 

Groups like the Illinois Manufacturing Association and Blue Cross Blue Shield, among others, believe the bill only shifts the cost, and that it will stop innovation.

But people like Jones feel that drug companies are getting away with too much, and need to be held accountable. 

“The Drug Companies are cheating us, because everywhere else in the world, the costs of drugs is lower. That is one of the possibilities they could check in on is getting the drug companies to cut down on the prices they charge for people who are on medicare or medicaid,” Jones said.

The bill would only cap the cost of insulin for health care plans that are regulated by the state. Plans that are regulated at the Federal level would not be affected.

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