Inquest determines cause of death


Latest: 10:00 pm, 2/15/17, Wednesday 

PAXTON — After nearly two months of waiting, the cause of a Cook County man’s death is being released. An inquest found Daniel Connolly was killed by asphyxiation. 

Investigators say he was held down by two people in a fight outside Dutchmaster Bar, in Buckley, Christmas night. Jurors ruled the incident a homicide.  

Police say the 25-year old was involved in a fight with several others. Connolly and his two brothers were at the bar that night. But how he ended up dead has not been clear. 

A coroner’s jury ruled it a homicide. That’s after his cause of death was determined to be positional asphyxiation.

Witnesses testified at the inquest. Two firefighters said they saw Connolly on the ground and he was being held down by two other men.

Connolly wasn’t the only person hurt in the fight. There were at least three other victims; one of whom was hit in the head with a hammer. 

Connolly’s family says they are satisfied with the verdict and justice is one step closer to being served.

Investigators did not say what will happen next, but they do have the names of the men accused of holding Connolly down.  

Update: 4:00 pm, 2/15/17, Wednesday

BUCKLEY — Wednesday night, a coroner’s jury will meet to determine how a man died. 

Witnesses say Daniel Connolly got into a fight outside the Dutchmaster Bar the day after Christmas.

A cause of death has not been released, but jurors will hear evidence to determine if his death was an accident, homicide, suicide, natural cause or still undetermined. 

Original: 4:30 pm, 2/8/17, Wednesday

BUCKLEY — An inquest has been set to determine how a man died the day after Christmas.

Witnesses say, Daniel Connolly got into a fight at the Dutchmaster Bar. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.

During the inquest, jurors will hear evidence, then determine if Connolly’s death was an accident, homicide, suicide, the result of natural causes or still undetermined.

The inquest is scheduled for February 15, in Paxton.

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