Indianapolis Zoo welcomes 2 Gentoo penguin chicks


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WCIA) — The Indianapolis Zoo welcomed two new Gentoo penguin chicks!

In a news release, officials said the chicks were born just days before Christmas. “We’re also celebrating the beautiful differences of their families, because one of our newcomers was born to a same-sex pair–a remarkable first for our zoo!

“Our two male birds became first-time dads when their chick hatched on Dec. 15. A female that’s actually paired with another penguin laid the egg and left it with the all-male couple, who have been caring for it ever since. Gentoo penguins co-parent their young, and just as a female-male pair would do, the two fathers have taken turns tending the nest, incubating the egg and now feeding the chick.”

The zoo’s other chick hatched on December 8, to a female-male couple. They are also first-time parents, according to zoo officials.

“All the adults are doing a great job as caregivers, and while we don’t know the gender of the two chicks, the young birds are both growing quickly.”

Officials said these newcomers are the first two penguin chicks to be hatched at the zoo since 2012 and the first for their Gentoo flock since 2011.

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