VILLA GROVE, Ill. (WCIA) — “There was a fight broke out amongst some students. During the fight, a BB gun fell out a backpack of one of the students that was involved in the fight,” Villa Grove Chief of Police Robert Rea said.

That fight happened at Villa Grove’s homecoming bonfire.

School officials and law enforcement broke it up and took the student with the BB gun into custody. Police Chief Robert Rea says he was later released to his parents.

“We have a lot of information to go through, we want to verify the stories, when you have that many people involved, it’s hard to get, they’re not all going to have the same statement and they’re not going to all have seen the same thing,” Rea said.

Rea says rumors have been circulating about what happened at the bonfire and potential threats related to the incident.

He says at this point, they’re unsubstantiated, but they’ll keep investigating.

“I think social media is playing a big part in this because since this incident occurred most of our investigation has been involved in, has been the investigation into rumors that are being reported over social media comments weren’t supposed to have been made,” Rea said.

WCIA reached out to the superintendent. They sent a statement which reads in part: “In regards to the events of Wednesday night there is not much I can say at this time. The incident is under investigation by the police and by the district.”

Rea wants to ensure the community, law enforcement takes all threats seriously.

“The students and citizens are our number one priority, and we want them to be able to come to these games and enjoy it and not live their lives in fear,” Rea said.