CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Blood bank ImpactLife is giving people a chance to not only donate blood, but donate to Ukraine as well.

Because donating money is not an option for some people, ImpactLife is offering an alternative donation method. People who sign up for ImpactLife’s rewards program receive points every time they donate blood. Normally, points are used to get things like t-shirts or mugs, but now those points can be converted into dollars that go to Ukraine.

“Donors can contribute their points. ImpactLife is matching the financial value of those points that are donated through our donor rewards program up to $10,000,” said ImpactLife’s Kirby Winn. “Then ImpactLife will send the full contribution to the Blood Centers of America Ukraine relief fund, which then those contributions are matched up to $250,000.”

Winn reiterated that the blood donated locally will save lives locally, but the money will help with blood supplies in Ukraine.