WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Elementary school parents tell us a notebook was found that talks about violence against a list of students. They said they haven’t been able to get ahold of administrators, so now they’re airing their frustrations another way.

Parents in Westville said they’re over the silence surrounding their children’s safety. Two weeks ago, a notebook listing students’ names and threats of harm was found at the junior high school. The district reached out to families about it.

Now, parents tell us a similar notebook has been found at Judith Giacoma elementary school and they haven’t heard anything from administrators.

Families said a couple of parents have been able to get in contact with people who work at the school but said there’s been conflicting information and nothing from the district.

“I figured since it was basically brought to attention the first time it would’ve been resolved. I didn’t think it’d happen again,” said Shawna Morgan.

One parent started gathering signatures online calling for metal detectors, resource officers, or at the least more communication.

“I started a petition because I wanted to see how many people were actually with us and standing with our children. Because as Shawna said, they’re not safe,” said Lacey Sizemore.

They said their concerns need to be taken seriously, especially after this week’s school shooting in Nashville.

“It happens in small towns like ours and I don’t want to see it happen here,” said Sizemore.

Officials said police are investigating. We reached out to the principal and the superintendent. We haven’t heard back.