SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — In response to an overwhelming amount of questions, the Illinois State Police are holding three separate meetings to discuss the state’s new gun registration system.

Gun owners have until the end of the year to register guns with the state police, but they still have plenty of questions about the new system. The system allows gun owners to log into their FOID card account and fill out the registration online. However, gun owners are finding it to be a bit more complicated than that. Specifically, there is confusion around which weapons and attachments fall under the law’s “assault style weapon” definition.

“[The ISP] understand the very lengthy, detailed questions, areas of ambiguity, and that we’re looking for resolution,” Republican State Representative Ryan Spain said. “The state police have agreed to respond to questions that will be generated and facilitated to them.”

The state police agreed to hold three separate hearings before the end of the year to answer questions about the law, such as which guns qualify and need to be registered.

“We are happy to address all questions and comments submitted to ISP and will be doing so in the weeks to come,” an ISP spokesperson said in a statement. “ISP already has one public hearing scheduled regarding the Protecting Illinois Communities Act rule and is working to schedule two additional hearings.”

Lawmakers and gun advocacy groups have already indicated they will be crowdsourcing questions for the hearings.

“We expect a lot of continued discussion on this topic and the ability to provide further clarification to questions,” Spain said.

The first meeting will be held on Nov. 2 when lawmakers return to Springfield for a fall session.

Gun owners must register their legal firearms by Jan. 1, 2024. Once registered, the person can continue to own the gun. Only guns that were bought before the effective date of the assault weapon ban can be registered.