DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Illinois Raptor Center is looking to buy an incubator for one of the rarest birds in America.

Yesterday, they found a dehydrated bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning in Macon County.
This caused the eagle to have trouble breathing.

The center is used to taking care of large birds but they don’t have an incubator big enough for the eagle. So, they started an online fundraiser. Program Director Jacques Nuzzo said donations started coming in quickly and they were ecstatic to raise more than what they asked for.

“I just called on the radio yesterday and I said, ‘you know, tonight would be a good day to put a post up for the GoFundMe,'” Nuzzo. “I think we made our goal in about an hour. And it’s still going up.”

Their goal was $1,000. The non-profit has raised more than $8,000.This will let them buy the incubator and equipment to help other birds. Nuzzo said the bald eagle represents many things to people and is a big part of why people donated money.

“People like eagles. I mean you’re talking about the symbol of the United States of America. There’s a lot of patriotism behind the bird. There’s a lot of reverence behind them. Native Americans revere this bird in a religious aspect. Eagles are very, very prominent birds in society. And nobody wants to see a sick eagle,” Nuzzo said.

For those still looking to help, people can donate here.