CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Today is national popcorn day and people are taking advantage.

CBPB Popcorn employees in Champaign were busy. They had some big orders to fill. They’ve spent the week catering to U of I games, including tonight’s men’s basketball game. The owner said it’s not just people’s love for the local business that keeps them coming back. It’s the love for the quick, easy, and versatile snack.

“It’s perfect finger food. It’s also healthier than people realize like it’s the better option compared to chips. And with our different flavors; the cheeses, the chocolate flavors that we have as well. People tend to enjoy them. Yeah, we get pretty busy,” said CBPB co-owner Isis Griffin.

She said the shop goes through hundreds of gallons of popcorn a week.