SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – Combating violent crime, helping the police officer shortage, and supporting required training. Just a few things one group has said they need funding to address.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police said the price tag for that is more than 700 million dollars.

They broke it down into five categories.

  • Technology and Equipment – $206.5 million
  • ILETSB and Training – $96.5 million
  • Community Policing and Community Engagement – $100 million
  • Recruitment and Retention – $276.4 million
  • Officer Wellness Programs – $80 million

All of that adds up to about $760 million.

“When we started, we didn’t know what it would be, and it sounds like a big number, and it is,” Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director, said.

They said it will help law enforcement agencies across the state, and they came up with the number after they were asked.

“We’ve been asked by the legislature how much does law enforcement need to fund all the mandates and take care of some of the other needs, because they didn’t really know, and so now we have a number to give them,” he said.

The group said communities are experiencing rising crime rates, and officers are leaving at rates they’ve never seen. Plus, the legislature has passed several bills that require more training and equipment.

They said they support those initiatives, but also know it comes with a price tag.

“Police departments, you know, they always have to prioritize. You know, can I afford to send my people to this training? Well, the law says you have to, and so what could happen if they don’t fund it? You might see fewer officers on the street, because officers have to go to the training. And if they’re on the training, they can’t be on the street. They can’t be responding to calls, and so we’ll just have to see, but there could be safety consequences for our communities.”

The Illinois Chiefs of Police sent the breakdown of funds to the Illinois legislature. Wojcicki said they know there will be negotiations and more questions before it can move forward.

For the entire breakdown of funds, you can read the document here.