CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–A new bill in the state senate hopes to ban e-cigarettes and vapes inside public places, in efforts to curb young people from smoking. 

The smoke-free Illinois act was passed in 2007. It prevents people from smoking within 15 feet of entrances and requires no smoking signs to be posted in public spaces. 

But since vaping has become popular, Sen. Julie Morrison wants to make sure e-cigarettes and vapes are included.  

A doctor with OSF says this could help prevent secondhand smoke from being in public air.  

“This stuff goes through the lungs as a fine mist everywhere, it’s got formaldehyde in it, it’s got nicotine in it, it’s got carcinogens in it,” said Dr. Scott Cook, MD., Ph.D.

He says if young kids are exposed, it’s possible for them to run into health issues later down the road.  

Senate Bill ill 1561 has passed the senate executive committee and now heads to the full senate for further consideration.