CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A 116-year-old time capsule was found at the U of I during a multi-million-dollar demolition.

It was inside a cornerstone at Illini Hall. Officials said the capsule won’t be opened anytime soon, but they are excited to see what’s inside.

The school said they didn’t even have a record of a time capsule being there, but it’s not unusual to find one in a building of that time period.

Illini hall was originally built in 1907 as a YMCA building. Since then, it’s gone through several changes. It’s been the home to the Daily Illini, Campus Police training, and the Department of Statistics and the latest change is underway.

The hall is being demolished and replaced as part of a 100-million-dollar project. Since the building first belonged to the YMCA, that’s who the time capsule was returned to.

“It is one of the ways we can help preserve history. The building is no longer here. We’ve documented the building historically. This is a part of that building the Y can keep as far as their heritage,” said Dennis Craig, the Historic Preservation Officer, “The Y, while they’re not a part of the university directly, they’ve been an influence on this campus all these years, too.”

The University YMCA will open the capsule during its 150th celebration in the fall.

The historic preservation officer said he’s not expecting much from the opening based on the weight and sealing of the capsule, but he will be in attendance to find out what’s inside.