OAKWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — The proposed mountain bike trail at Kickapoo State Recreation Area is still a topic of discussion between the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and environmental groups.

The Sierra Club asked the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to do a botanical study at the 400-acre state park near Oakwood. The study showed that the proposed pathway has 170 species of plants, some of which are endangered.

Environmental groups are concerned about losing those plants and erosion caused by the proposed 9 and a half mile extension.

“I feel like the report on this botanical survey should sway it and our position on locating the mountain bike trails in this area,” Sierra Club Member Kevin Green said. “I think they should realize this is a unique area in this part of the state, and it should not be disturbed at all by mountain bike trails. That is our hope.”

Sierra Club leaders said they’re all in on the Kickapoo Rail Trail, but it’s the extension of the mountain bike trail they have an issue with. The IDNR hasn’t said when or if they will start construction on the new path.