IDNR holds Asian Carp Giveaways across


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Asian Carp are normally seen as a menace.

But the Illinois Department of natural resources paired with fish markets across the state like Carters Fish Market in Springfield to prove that these fish do have a use.

Asian Carp are actually very healthy to eat. So IDNR gave away carp at nine different markets across the state.

Clint carter, owner of carters fish market, is hoping that the carp trend will catch on.

“We have been familiar with the Asian carp issue for years and we have been working with IDNR to promote the use of these fish to get them out of our waterways and balance out the ecosystem.

Lakes like Lake Decatur struggle with Asian carp. They eat all of the algae in the water, and then other fish have nothing to eat. The state has a stockpile of the fish after clearing out water ways across the state.

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