IDNR Conservation Police urge boaters to be safe on the water


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Conservation Police are upping patrols this holiday weekend as people get ready to hit the water.

It is also National Safe Boating Week.

Officers said they mainly look for people driving under the influence. They also look for life jackets. Officers said you do not necessarily have to wear them at all times. But you do have to have one available for everyone on board.

The driver also has to wear a safety cut-off switch attached to your life jacket or wrist in case you hit someone or something.

“Make sure you’re being safe out there,” said Zachary Williams, IDNR Conservation Police. “I know people come out to the water and think there’s not rules, but there are rules. You have to be safe about it.”

Last year, IDNR investigated 81 boating accidents; 36 with people hurt and 21 of them deadly.

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