URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The City of Urbana released a new study looking at revamping downtown and the area around Lincoln Square Mall.

But Jim Webster, the mall’s owner, said not so fast. He said under one of the concepts, the mall would potentially be “open air” and it wasn’t designed for that.

Webster said it would be more challenging for the stores to afford the space because of the rent required to re-construct.

“It’s almost all locally owned. Private, independent businesses,” Webster said. “They’re concerned about their future and their customers are concerned about their future.”

Diane Marlin, Urbana’s mayor, said the business owners and people living in Urbana have been talking to the city about it for months. She said it’s all intended to generate ideas and welcome more people to Urbana.

Marlin added that nothing is set in stone or meant to be alarming.

To see all the concepts, visit this website.