CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — This week marks the annual Gift of Life blood drive. Organizers are thankful for all of those donors, but they still need more.

All week people walked ImpactLife’s doors to give the gift of life.

“It’s personal. It’s always personal,” said Teri McCarthy with ImpactLife.

ImpactLife and WCIA3 paired up 8 years ago to honor the lives of Dave Benton and Robert Reese and enlighten the community on the importance of blood donations.

Whether it be for an accident, disease, or surgery, this blood saves lives. Frequent donor Marybess Gordon knows exactly how important these donations can be. During complications after her c-section, it was on-hand blood that saved her; and several times a year she makes sure to repay the favor.

“It’s literally the least I can do, is to give back and help others the way people helped me,” added Gordon.

Teri McCarthy with ImpactLife says they’re desperate for more donations after the holidays and winter storm.

“If you need to put a face to it, think of somebody that you love and you wouldn’t want to see them in trouble or in need,” said McCarthy.

It’s that personalization that brought out Gordan’s friend, Kate Cole.

“Being here with my friend who had her life saved with blood products that were available is really, really meaningful,” added Cole.