TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) – Beth Jamison is the general manager at the Road Ranger in Tuscola. She made sure all the drivers in her parking lot were safe and fed.

She called Tuscola a semi-truck grave yard over night. She said there were over 80 in the outlet mall parking lot, and she crammed more than 25 in the parking lot of her station, that normally only fits 15.

The station she manages is a 24 hour place. She said no matter what, she was going to make sure they stayed open to provide for the drivers.

“It’s very important. These truck drivers are providing all the stores with everything everyone needs, and if they can’t stay on the roads, then nobody has anything. I know how much they rely on us truck stops. So, if I can be here, I’m going to be here.”

You have to remember, most of these drivers are just passing through, and are from out of town. So, when the storm hit, they may not have been aware of how bad it would be.

That’s a big reason Jamison wanted to step-up and help.